Flow Controllers Instrument

Porter Instrument specializes in the design and manufacture of precision instruments and systems for the measurement and control of low flow gases and liquids.

Digital Liquid Mass Flow Controllers

  • Thermal measurement system yields accurate measurement with less than a 5°C increase in fluid temperature
  • Exclusive control circuitry, combined with a piezoelectric-actuated control valve, provides fast, stable control at low flow rates


  • Variable area flowmeters include 65mm and 150mm scale length tube assemblies
  • Available in either forged body or side-plate construction
  • Interchangeable flow tube assemblies and valves allow configuration changes without removal from process system

Instrument Pressure Regulators

  • All models are direct acting, non-relieving and are cleaned for analytical instrument service
  • Designed specifically to provide high resolution control at the low flow rates typical in instrumentation applications
  • Available with special port locations, manifold mount configurations, or with the regulator integrated into a larger, multi-functional package

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