PTS – Parker Tracking System | Available at Hose & Fittings, Etc

Q: What is PTS?

A: PTS is a Tracking System for hose assemblies.

Q: Why should I have my hose assemblies tracked?

A: So that the eventual hose assembly replacement is fast, easy and accurate.

Q: How does having my hose assembly entered in Parker Tracking System help me get the right replacement faster?

A: PTS tracking system consists of two parts: a hose tag, and database containing all the hose specifications. When the time comes to replace your hose assembly, call us (ParkerStore) and give us your hose tag number. We are able to look at the database and find all the specifications we need to fabricate a replacement hose assembly. Using PTS to order a replacement hose assembly is faster than simply bringing your old hose assembly to us (which you can still do) for several reasons:

When you call ahead, we can start fabricating your new hose assembly right away – and most likely have it ready by the time you arrive in our ParkerStore. No waiting for you to bring the old assembly and no re-measuring the old assembly prior to fabricating the replacement.

You do not even have to remove a hose assembly before ordering a replacement. As long as you can read the tag, you can leave the original assembly in place until the replacement arrives, keeping the down-time to a minimum.

You can customize the information we enter to the database based on your company’s needs. For example, we can add your own part number, or identify the equipment the hose is on. When you re-order your hose assemblies which are already in the PTS sytem, we can also track the reasons for replacing the assembly. This information can be used in identifying hoses that fail prematurely, and assist in finding a better solution for your needs. In short – we will work with you to customize the PTS tags and the data tracked to meet your needs.